To think about the 2nd phase of life, we first have to define it.

Instead of saying “I’m ready for a change” define what that change means and focus on that.

When we think about the 2nd phase of life, what is out of balance that we would like to get in balance?

What is a time in our life that we remember being passionate about something?

What brings us energy?

How will we know when we have achieved our goal? What will it look like?

Can we be content with what we have and not always seeking?

Life is a balance and when we feel like something is out of balance, then we think about making a change.

Instead of making a change, we can embrace where we are now in life; we can make little changes.

We make positive changes by making little changes. We don’t lose 50 lbs all at once. We lose 3 lbs a month.

The law of attraction – we become what we focus on either positive or negative.